Steady blowing

Steady blowing is the key to great bagpipe tone.

"The Bagpipe Gauge been very helpful. I've always had issues about blowing steady and tone. My Pipe Major has noticed a difference without me even asking!"
-actual quote from a Bagpipe Gauge user in New York

But, what exactly do we mean by steady blowing?

Actually, what pipers refer to as steady blowing is steady bag pressure -- which is mostly controlled by the arm.

The purpose of the bag is to allow the pipes to play continuously, while the piper can breathe regularly. The bag acts as a a buffer. The piper keeps the air pressure in the bag steady by squeezing with the arm. The bag volume is constantly changing (going down as the bag deflates, and filling back up as the piper blows into the bag).

Changing volume. Constant pressure. That's the key.

But, what does steady pressure have to do with tuning?

The pipes have four separate reeds that all need to be tuned to achieve that great sound we all strive for. Each reed fluctuates with slight changes in bag pressure. A rock solid foundation of consistent bag pressure allows you to fine tune your pipes to a much greater level of precision and accuracy.

The Bagpipe Gauge is the best way to learn to achieve perfectly steady bag pressure like the. If you are an advanced player, the Bagpipe Gauge can take you from a good to world class.

And the great news is that when you start using the Bagpipe Gauge you'll notice instant improvement.

Your pipes will sound better. Your pipes will be more in tune. Your pipes will feel better to play.

Are you ready to get steadier now?