Reed Poker

I'm really excited to announce my new product: The Piper's Ultimate Reed Poker. Check the out the video above to see the poker up close and to see how it can save you time, effort, and money by improving your sound and extending the life of your reeds.
  • One of the best-kept secrets of top pipers is the specialized tool called a reed poker.
  • You use it to save your pipe chanter reed when it starts to get too easy, chirps, squeals, or starts to sound sharp and thin.
  • As you break in a new reed, it gets easier and more efficient. But the cane can get too soft -- this is where the reed poker comes in.
  • A small adjustment (we're talking 1/1000ths of an inch) to the metal staple inside the reed can bring a reed back to life, extending the playable life of the reed and giving you a brighter, crisper, stronger, more stable sound.
  • The only way to do this is to open up a reed from the inside with a reed poker. It's easy to do -- if you have the right tool.
  • Most top pipers I know have a poker that they made themselves, through hours of trial and error on a grinding wheel. I made my first poker over 20 years ago and now you can have one just like it.
  • It's different and better than all other reed pokers I've seen. It has a smooth, tapered point which allows you to precisely control just how much you want to poke the reed.
  • Simply insert the poker a bit further to open up the reed a little bit more. Other blunt, square-shaped pokers can get stuck or can damage the reed by twisting.
  • Easy-to-use. Totally intuitive.
  • The number one reason pipers need to get a new reed is that their previous reed gets too easy. The poker will bring those reeds back to playable strength.  
  • Top pipers know that some of the very best reeds are those that have been played and broken in and then poked to bring out the brightest and best tone.
The Piper's Ultimate Reed Poker is a must-have if you want to have a world-class bagpipe sound. It will bring your reeds back to life and it will save you hundreds of dollars that you'd otherwise spend on new reeds.

I'm giving away a package deal which include the The Piper's Ultimate Reed Poker and the super-effective and popular Bagpipe Gauge for 15% off the regular price. Purchased together, you can save $20.  

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